Best free iOS Emulator for Android to run iOS apps on Android 2018

By posted on October 16, 2018 10:03AM
iOS Emulator for Android

It’s 2018 and the present statistics say that there are lot more users of Android than any other operating systems on the market. The reason for that is android interface is much easier to use and furthermore nowadays, a Smartphone that has an android operating system in costs near about 3000 bucks. On the other hand, iOS is pretty much hard to use as compared to Android as per most of the people but if you don’t use something you have no right to judge that thing. For that being said, you need to experience the iOS and its apps first. There are two ways to do that, one is by simply buying a device that supports iOS and that means you have an Apple product such as iPhone or mac book or iPad. The second way is by using an iOS emulator for your Android device.

iOS Emulator Requirements

It is free & easy to download and is also compatible with any Android device. Some of the distinguished features are-

  • Storage: 61MB for application files.
  • Compatability: 2.3 Android version or latest.
  • More than 512MB RAM for better performance.
  • HDMI: Video output with secondary frame buffer device.
  • Video Acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver: OpenGL, ES, EDL
  • Save game data.
  • USB host mode.

There are two free iOS emulator for android. Download either the iEMU APK or Cider APK to emulate iOS apps onto Android.

Let us take a look at the best free iOS Emulator for Android to run iOS apps on Android 2018.


iOS Emulator for AndroidWhen it comes to iOS emulators, iEMU tops the list. You can get the best of experience when you use it on your Android to run iOS apps. The iEMU emulator is free of cost and certainly is not available on Android Play store because of policy violation. With this emulator, you can experience the exact graphics that you would experience in an iOS enabled phone. The application supports almost every android phone but however, if you are facing problems then it is because this apk does not work on some of the outdated android phones.

   Download iEMU APK


Cider iOS Emulator for AndroidThis is one another interesting iOS emulator for android which competes in toe to toe with iEMU. The apk is very easy to install but you have to find the apk of the app from sites other than Google Play store.  This app is also free of cost but you need to ensure that you have enough storage spaces left on your android device for it to get installed properly. This app also lets you experience iOS apps on your android phone without any hassle.

   Download Cider APK

All in one iOS

This app claims to be one of the easiest iOS emulators on the net although there aren’t many. This emulator features iOS camera, music applications, sound recorder and other applications as well. The most notable feature of this emulator is that you can use the great ios assistant Siri in it without any hassle.


These above-mentioned iOS emulators are the only known ios emulators for your android. However, according to some tech enthusiasts, these emulators do not run on the current set of android phones. This is maybe because of the strong security measure was taken by the Android developers. It is still unclear as to which smartphones are on the list that does not support these emulators. The only way to know this is by installing it on your Android enabled devices

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